Can you imagine?

Source Book 2011-12

Here is an article (that was shared with me by a lovely individual 🙂 ) that talks about a new ‘Face and Iris Recognition App’

The article talks about how this app scans faces that will identify people through social media sites photo posting like facebook. They said the police will have access to this app to help catch ‘bad guys’ b/c the app can also access things like SIN numbers :S basic underline, has our privacy been compromised in-order to have the joys of social media sites?


Source Book 2011-12

I must have this as a pet o.O ..but really reminds me of my ‘shoulder owl’ that I created in second year. Going on the concept of having a ‘interactive friend’

“The TOFU is perhaps the first robot that I want to pick up and hug. Developed by the ubernerds at the MIT Media Lab, he’s an adorably fuzzy little bot with OLED screens for eyes. He dances to music! How can you resist?!

He’s a “squash and stretch” robot, one that uses techniques of social expression employed by 2D animators to give himself some personality. If they sold this guy for not-too-much and I could put him on my desk to dance to music and amuse me, it would be difficult to resist buying one.”