Starting Contact List

Senior Project META 2013

Here is the first draft of the contact list I started for both Sponsors and Advertising:

Here is an example of the contact Google Spread Sheet: This Google spreadsheet has been shared with the entire Curatorial Team so anyone can add contacts they are aware of.


First Meeting

Senior Project META 2013

On September 28th was our first meeting as the Curatorial Team for META 2013.

  • I myself have the title of Outreach Coordinator: Coordinates the plan for Educational Outreach, Sponsorship, Social Media, and Media and Publicity for META 2013.
  • So far I have been working closely with the Sponsorship team in order to get out contact form filled and ready to send letters out too.
  • I have also been working with the Social Media and Publicity team by making a plan on the best way to advertise META to the city of Toronto.
  • In all aspects we agree the main goal of META is to create a gateway for the fourth year artist into the professional world and this will be accomplished by insuring that the appropriate professional guest attend META.
  • We have already agreed to an event on Halloween Night and December 11th  (around exam time) as a party for the artists.
  • Discussion on whether to try OR to help with donations