Nadja Cada’s Portfolio (2015)


Fonebook Publishing Corporation (2014-present)

Print and Web Directory for the Film & Television Industry 

Fonebook Print

Fonebook Web

Sneak Peak of 2015 Cover for Social Media

Sneak Peak of 2015 Cover for Social Media

Standard Twitter Cover Image

Standard Twitter Cover Image

Sponsored Twitter Cover Image (Female Film Festival)

Sponsored Twitter Cover Image (Female Eye Film Festival)


Colouring (2014)

Sketch & Shading


Nadja Cada’s Graphics Portfolio (2013-2014)


Nadja Cada’s Graphic Portfolio

Defile Magazine (Completed: Cover Title, Letter to the Editors, 2 Page article New Level of studying Fashion)

Palmer Marketing Campaign for ‘The Exchange” Studies

The Exchange Pup   The Exchange Lunch

Event Posters for Ryerson Aboriginal Student Services

RASS Art Contest Poster   RASS Storytelling Poster

Third Year Ryerson Graphics Design Course

Graphics Design Article   Graphic Design Article   Graphic Design Article

Poster for Ryerson Science Orientation 2013 (Volunteer)

Science Orientation

NRD Photography Logo & Business Card

logo_2   NRD Photography   NRD Photography

Sultan’s Tent Logo modification for event (Original & Modified)

Sultan's Tent   Sultan's Tent

Personal Working: Colouring (Outline: Unknown)