First Meeting

Senior Project META 2013

On September 28th was our first meeting as the Curatorial Team for META 2013.

  • I myself have the title of Outreach Coordinator: Coordinates the plan for Educational Outreach, Sponsorship, Social Media, and Media and Publicity for META 2013.
  • So far I have been working closely with the Sponsorship team in order to get out contact form filled and ready to send letters out too.
  • I have also been working with the Social Media and Publicity team by making a plan on the best way to advertise META to the city of Toronto.
  • In all aspects we agree the main goal of META is to create a gateway for the fourth year artist into the professional world and this will be accomplished by insuring that the appropriate professional guest attend META.
  • We have already agreed to an event on Halloween Night and December 11th  (around exam time) as a party for the artists.
  • Discussion on whether to try OR to help with donations

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