Reading Summary (1): Educational Gaming – Interactive Edutainment

Interactivity & Networking

Educational Gaming – Interactive Edutainment

Sharon DeVary

The body of research for this article is to discover the benefits and challenges of using computer games as learning tools and defining the word ‘edutainment’. The article outlines that there are already commercial digital games available to collages, high school, middle school, and even elementary school students. The word ‘edutainment’ is defined as education that has been presented in the framework of entertainment that will provide students with immersive learning experiences such as flying airplanes. These games should include the use of knowledge, intellectual skills related to content, and provide interactive feedback. Some of the benefits and challenges of educational games is one of the competition of regular entertainment games with more quality and most education institutions cannot fund these projects. There are also critics that object to the use of educational games with the concern of addictive nature of games and the violence , that commercial computer games, exposes to children. A counter argue to this is that students will not only learn cognitive and technology skills, but will also be motivated and excited to learn. The article continues to acknowledge that education games must be developed so to include the academic requirements, and based on learning and not winning. I believe that the concept of ‘edutainment’ is perfect as a way of adapting in our technology filled world, but there are still many hurdles to be made to make the games immersive enough for students to enjoy. Out of any of the age demographics described, these students will have experiences commercial gaming and will compare the edutainment to entertainment games. This article is great to introduce this concept too concerned parents and the education board as a way to outlining the benefits and challenges of edutainment.


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