Dream Decoder Website – MPM35

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By Rachael Brown & Nadja Cada

Dream Decoder Website
Dream Decoder Walkthrough Video

Artist Statement

Dream Decoder is a online mobile web application made with Jquery Mobile. The concept of this piece was to create an accessible online database for people to decode their dreams by either using the dream decoder dictionary (that lists both animal symbols and figures) or browsing the dream forum and comparing their own dream to other dreamers. The intention of having this application is to help influence people to share the experiences with and for people to put more thought into the meaning of their dreams. Having this application available on any media platform allows for it to be used in any situation. Dream Decoder draws from the influences of the Native American culture and Carl Jung’s dream analysis. These two influences contrast each other and exemplifies both the spiritual and analytical sense of dreams.


For our piece we are creating a jQuery web app for desktop and mobile devices. Our goal is to create a network based on a genuine human experience. We will do this by providing an outlet for sharing, comparing and making sense of dreams; that will manifest into something akin to a collective consciousness. JQuery is the most user friendly and accessible platform today, allowing for the most inclusion of users to create a larger consciousness.

This mobile app provides forums for anonymous Dreamers to record their dreams and browse those of others. Dreamers can compare and comment with other dreamers posts and search for the meanings of their dreams. There will also be links directing dreamers to recommended sites for expert advice. Dreamers will also be asked to enter certain information, such as their location, which will be used to locate other dreamers around them who have had similar dreams. These comparisons can be discussed, and dreamers may find deeper meaning in their dreams by discovering a collective of similar dreamers. By posting their dreams this opens up conversations between dreamers about life experiences and creates an intimate network. The anonymity gives dreamers a safer outlet to discuss their unsettling dreams and the real-life struggles to which they refer. Likewise, dreams of a lighter nature may be shared for entertainment.

With our app Dreamers will become intimately connected, sharing their dreams in hopes of finding deeper meaning through comparisons with other dreamers. The app uses a similar interface to popular networking platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook etc.) to make it recognizable and easy to use. Being a web application it is not confined to one space and will grow as the user-base grows. Dreaming is the most genuine and personal experience
we all share as humans, but it is also one we do not easily get to compare with others. By providing a platform, dreamers will finally have an outlet to connect with others on this deeper level.


Screen Caps

Dream Decoder Welcome Page

Start page - Dream Decoder options (dream decoder, dream forum, dream type)

Dream Decoder start page

Choose animal options page

Dream Decoder figure options

Dream decoder description animal option (Native American Symbols)

Dream decoder description figure option (Carl Jung Dream Analysis)

Dream Forum option - Add a dream post

Dream Forum entry

Dream Type page

Future Plans & Considerations

The next step with this project would be to expand further on the dream decoder and the dream forum. For the dream decoder I would like to expand on the amount of choices available in the Animal choice because this is only a small sample of the many Native American symbols. In regards to the forum option the next step would to create more user input such as comment boxes and user names. By having comment boxes this allows for larger conversations between users and expand upon defining peoples dreams. This ties in with having user names. By having user names people to track their own dream post more easily and they would be able to contact other users. This means that connections and conversations could be built outside of the Dream Decoder site. Most of these updates would involve having an actual database so there was space for posts, comments, and user profiles.


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