10 Steps to Better Blogging: Response

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Response – 10 Steps to Better Blogging By SplatF w/Dan Frommer

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Within the following article blogger Dan Frommer compiled together ten easy steps to on how to become a better blogger. Frommer created these steps for both himself and his readers as a reminder of how to make the best blog content possible. After reading the ten steps there were a few steps that I found to be highly important and should be the foundation attributes to creating a successful blog. The number one step is to make sure that the content posted is factually accurate and if it isn’t, show your readers that it has been remedied. If you are going to blog about something the easiest way to lose your creditability is to post content that in inaccurate and having accurate content is the only way to appear knowledgeable. The second step to follow is do not write a blog that you wouldn’t read yourself. If you, yourself find your content boring or useless, chances are your readers will as well. The best way to create connections and become known in cyber land is to have interesting content that people will want to share. Another rule to follow in terms of your content is “don’t be the 10th person to write the same thing”. Nothing turns off readers like reading content that has already been tenderized by other bloggers. Try to be original even if it means it will take longer to execute, it will become more worthy to share. The final step that I considered to be of importance for anyone who blogs is to make sure the blog is visually attractive. The human species is naturally attracted to visually stimulating things. If the site looks a mess, is disorganized, or is plain boring, people will move past your site without looking at the content, so take the time to make your blog/site look attractive. Frommer goes on to talk about how to be a fair critic, trying new things, and paying attention to the quality of your writing, but the previous four steps that I explained are the ones I believe are the makings of a strong foundation for any blogger.


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