Network Assignment 2

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I Will Remember You

Group Members

Nadja Cada, Emily Halberstadt, Helaena Parkes, Erin Sweeney, & Rola Kuidir

Artist Statement

In “I Will Remember”, we are creating a meaningful networked experiences in real space as opposed to the virtual networks that do not have genuine physical human interaction. What is a network? It is a group of people that exchange information. In order for that to happen, they need to find something in common between the members first to be able to join the group. Nine participants will be meeting in different locations, each has his/her own piece of puzzle with the directions, topics and rules written on. After the first two players find each other, they will have to find something in common between them -depending on the discussion topic they have- to be able to move along to the next person and so on. Each player will have to write or draw the thing that connect them with the other players. When the nine members meet and finish their last mission, they will be able to put the puzzle pieces together and create a nice collage of their drawings, writings, and inputs. The participants will visually see the outcome of their communication and their network.

Rules & Categories

categories/ discussion topics:
-where you are from (hometown)
-something that makes you very happy
-something you are afraid of
-something you are nostalgic about
-something that embarrasses you
-animals/ pets

1. You must go to the location indicated on the puzzle piece.
2. You must go to the locations in-order as presented on each puzzle piece (you cannot bypass or skip locations or go to locations out of order)
3. You cannot advance to the next participant until you have made a network/connect/found something in common with the previous one
4. Your answer must be creative and as meaningful as possible. Give an explanation when discussing your answer.
Q: “Find something in common about food”
A: “In the last week, we have all eaten pizza”
Q: “Find something in common about food”
A: “We all like cheese”
5. There is no time limit, try and connect/get to know all the participants as much as possible

Rules & Map


How-to-Guide Video



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