Website & JQuery Mobile Proposal

FPN535 blog

Nadja Cada
Interaction Design FPN535
Professor David Green
March 5, 2012

Website and JQuery Mobile Proposal

For this project I will be making a photography based website and web-mobile application with the use of html5, CSS, Java, JQuery and Jquery mobile. The website, NRD Photography, is for a client who I will be making this website and web-mobile for free to gain personal experience.

NRD Photography website will an online portfolio for self advertising in order to make potential clients. The website part of this project will be a standard online portfolio that will display the work of the photographer as well as artist biography, contact information, hiring prices, and links to social media sites like facebook. The web-mobile application made with Jquery mobile will have all the same information as the original site, but will display a smaller sample of images to make it as fully functional on a phone display as possible. The main goal of this project is to have a functioning Jquery web-mobile site that is compatible with all web browsers and the as much completion to the final online website.

The visual look of the Jquery moblie app will be a clean and glamorous over all look. The main pallet colours will consist of white, black, pink, and leopard print (at the clients request). The colour pallet and print is meant to reflect the theme of the work that the photographer produces, which is ‘Glam Shoots’, which can be described as, “confidence-boosting self-portrait photo shoots”. The opening screen will display the ‘NRD photography’ logo and a list of buttons called About, Gallery, Contact, Hiring Prices, and link to facebook page and other social media pages.

I feel that this project will refresh and heighten my web-based skills by including JQuery elements. By experimenting and using JQuery and JQuery Mobile I will gain a new skill that can be applied to projects in the future. I have chosen for this project to be free because this is the first time I have made a website for someone other than myself. By making the additional JQuery Mobile app, I believe I will have gained enough skills and experience to charge future clients.


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