Android Application Proposal

FPN535 blog

Nadja Cada
Interaction Design FPN535
Professor David Green
March 5, 2012

Android Application Proposal

For this project I will be making an Android calculator application that is both the basic calculator layout (when in the phone is in vertical mode) and a scientific layout option (when the phone is in landscape mode). I have chosen to make this application due to the lack of available calculator application (that are free) on the Android market that do not have both the basic and scientific layout together and in separate display modes. The main goal of this project is to make both a functioning basic and scientific calculator, but more importantly to have the two separate screen modes functioning. The end product should demonstrate a functional basic calculator in vertical mode and once the phone is flipped into landscape mode, the entire layout will swap out from the basic calculator to the scientific calculator layout. There will also be ‘shift’ function available in the scientific mode, which will allow for more than one function to be available on the same button. This will ensure that all scientific function are available and the layout is not over crowed with buttons. The visual and ascetic layout of the calculator will be very basic and clean because the greater focus will be on creating two functioning calculators.


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