Entry fifteen

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Ramona has asked us all to brain storm in reference to the name of this project. Ramona explained that she likes the meaning of Inter_Face (the original title), which represents the fine line between technology innovation and the human experience, but we need something that may be easier to search.

So on that note I started a google doc for the team to be able to compile and throw ideas into. Here is what I added:

Synonyms for Innovation
Notion, Alteration, Shift

Synonyms for Human
Mortal, Animal, Humanistic

Synonyms for Filter
Screen, Distill, Refine, Sift

Synonyms for Inferface
Merge, Unite, Intermix, Join
Divide , Separate

Synonyms for Communicate
Convey, Spread, Suggest, Signify, Transmit, Impart, Connect, Discover

*Impart (can be ‘I’m Part’, “I’m part of…”)

Synonyms for Connect
Couple, Join, Bridge, Wed, Hook, Ally, Unite, Attach, Cohere,

*Bridge (bridge b/w ppl, the new bridge of tech. we are crossing)
*Hook(sns are hooked into us, what are we ‘fishing’ for with our hook (haha))

Also Ramona added in FWD and Virtuality, which I responded:
I like FWD (FWD is nice b/c it is in the sense that we are moving fwd but not ready or tech. is so fwd but some are too ahead while others want to RWD) and Virtuality – Nadja

We will see if the title Inter_Face is here to stay or not.


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