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So this plan I had was very last minute but was absolutely worth it! After doing my research on Scott Heiferman, the creator of Meetup.com, I felt that it would be appropriate to find a meet up and attend it as well.

Being a participating lover of board games since this past year I decided to see if there were any meet ups in the general TO downtown area. Coincidentally there was a meet up group happening at 6pm @ 401 Games on Young street, which is the store I purchase a majority of my boardgames from. I had witnessed card players (card games such as Magic, Pokemon etc.) playing downstairs and knew there was an area upstairs as well, but the meetup was a surprise to me. The meet up was located on the third floor of 401 Games and even though the inside rooms may have been shabby it was easy to see these players were there for the social aspect and just appreciated the free space to play.

I talked to one of the co-host of the meetup since the official host was not present. To my surprised I discovered that the host of this meetup are also the owners of Snakes and Lattes Boardgame Cafe located near Bathhurst station. The co-host expressed they would have no problem with interviews or being filmed at their meet up.

Everyone was very inviting and welcoming to me even though I was a stranger (who came completely alone). The insisted I join a game and also attend a tournament happening at Snakes and Lattes on Monday. Everyone is willing to play with anyone who will participate and teach games to any new comers (which is great for starters of board games). And when I say boardgames don’t think monopoly…here are some titles of games that are featured at this meetup:
Puerto Rico

After this very positive meetup experience I am going to look for another meetup in the downtown area. Maybe something to do with the Mom’s of TO.


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