Entry twelve

mpm33A blog

The latest project complete for inter_face was streeters filming for the trailer that was to be complete and presented for November 4th. On November 1st I volunteered to help with streets on the following day. I my surprised this also involved rounding up about 5 people to participate in the streeters. After facebooking and calling Ryerson students I sadly only showed up with one person. I myself was asked questions for streeters shots and another participant who arrived from a different inter_face peer.

We continued doing streeters on Friday, November 4th and I was able to bring three people to participate, two of which were a couple. I was included again in these streeter shots; I answered questions and also b-roll shots of texting on my phone with my boyfriend. All of my participants showed up and was a successful streeters session. I am very great full too those who helped me on such short notice.

I will say I was half expecting streeters to be more of a ‘random’ format than having the chosen participants. Though this helped with getting proper sound by having them more involved. We are supposedly continuing with streeters through out the month. It is now my hope to complete a meetup on my own time and present it to the team.


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