Entry Eleven

mpm33A blog

Today we had a meeting to discuss the New York Singularity Summit and what direction we are heading

We are now in the process of developing Streeter Questions that we can get rolling within the next two weeks (before it become too cold outside). I myself had already started developing questions before the meeting. Read the following:

– How connected do you feel to your phone? 1 being very low and 5 being high.
– Do you feel panicked if you cannot find your phone right away for forget it at home?
– How often do you use your phone and what do you use it for?
– Do you get your news from newspapers(paper or digital)/tv/radio or social networking sites like facebook and twitter?
– Are you on any social networking sites? If so, do you feel disconnected or ‘out of the loop’ if you do not check them at least once during the day?
– Have you ever ‘unplugged’ by choice? As in turned off technology such as phone, internet, music player etc.
– How do you feel when you see a notification from your email, phone, facebook etc. ? Do you feel excited, anxious, dreadful etc?
– What is your opinion about facebook? Do you feel it is a good social network site, why or why not?
– Would you ever consider going ‘off the grid”? As in withdrawing from social networking and cellphone?

We are also encouraged to get a hold of one of the Meet-Up groups and attend one of them. Get a hold of a member and document them going to the meet up. I think I may try this with the gameboard meet up that I discovered (I posted it in ‘entry ten’). Ramona is looking to start putting together a trailer as well with the footage we have and making cut pieces.


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