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Here is more research completed for Monday’s meeting…

Some stories about individuals who were fired due to activity on their facebook

all story blurgs from here

Story 1
Gloria Gadsden, an associate professor of sociology at Pennsylvania’s East Stroudsburg University, enjoyed cracking wise on her Facebook account. In January she wrote, “Does anyone know where I can find a very discreet hit man? Yes, it’s been that kind of day.” In February: “Had a good day today. DIDN’T want to kill even one student.” Gadsden’s University, made aware of the posts, found reason to be alarmed given the tragic events at colleges in recent years. The school put Gadsden on indefinite paid leave that lasted a month before she was allowed to return in late March.
Gloria Gadsden (ggadsden@po-box.esu.edu)
Associate Professor of Sociology

Story 2
Lincoln, NE – Three corrections officers at the Nebraska State Penitentiary are under investigation. Bob Houston is the Nebraska Director of Correctional Services. He tells Action 3 News he and the Nebraska Attorney General’s Office are looking into whether or not the officers posted derogatory comments on Facebook about what may have happened inside the prison.
Caleb Bartels is listed on a Facebook page as a discharged U.S. Marine and corrections officer. A posting on the page says, “When you work in a prison, a good day is when you get to smash an inmates face into the ground. For me today was a very good day.” Several people responded to the posting including people using the names of two officers who work at the state penitentiary; Shawn Paulson and Derek Dickey. Officers Bartels, Paulson, and Dickey have all been suspended without pay.

Story 2 again
Guards suspended over posting (& other stories) by Paul Hammel

Story 3
Dan Leone, a Philadelphia Eagles stadium operations worker, was unhappy with the NFL team’s decision to let Brian Dawkins, a safety, sign with the Denver Broncos. So Leone vented to his pals on Facebook, declaring: “Dan is [expletive] devastated about Dawkins signing with Denver … Dam Eagles R Retarted!!” He later deleted the post, but the Eagles fired him over the phone a few days later.

Story 3 again
(article)Contact columnist John Gonzalez at 215-854-2813 or gonzalez@phillynews.com.

Story 3 video

Story 4
When 16-year-old Kimberley Swann decided to chronicle her new job as an office administrator at Ivell Marketing and Logistics in Essex, U.K. on Facebook, she didn’t waste any time. Her first post read: “First day at work. Omg (oh my God)!! So dull!!” Two days later, she complained, “All I do is shred holepunch n scan paper!!!” Her boss discovered the posts three weeks later–and fired her.

Story 4 again
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/essex/7914415.stm (article)

(company that fired Kimberley)
Ivell Marketing and Statistics (Steve Ivell)
14 Crusader Business Park
Stephenson Road West
Co15 4Tn
Tel: +44 1255 687500
Fax: +44 1255 687501
email: mailto:info@ivell.com


Meet-Up Groups

Mom Meet up – I am Happy Project

Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy. Happiness comes from deep within, and not from people, situations, or circumstances.
According to Researchers from Harvard Medical School and the University of California, San Diego:

“When an individual becomes happy, the network effect can be measured up to three degrees. One person’s happiness triggers a chain reaction that benefits not only his friends, but his friends’ friends, and his friends’ friends’ friends. The effect lasts for up to one year.”
Since whatever we focus on grows, the aim of this group is to help members focus on happiness and to spread it at every opportunity.
If you are a happy person and want to socialize and network with other happy people, this is for you. If your goal is to become a happier person this group is for you. If you want to contaminate others with your happiness, this group is definitely for you. Visit http://iamhappyproject.org for more information or ABC news segment on “I am happy project spreading smile” at http://tiny.cc/news10 (video is on top right side of screen). Wondering what to expect, check out one of our meets in Roseville at http://tiny.cc/Happiness

Boardgame and Social Meet up – Board Game
The Toronto Board game and Social Meetup Group is all about making new friends and learning new board games through casual, non-competitive events. We sometimes bring out traditional and party games, but most events are focused on the Euro-style strategy games which aren’t as well-known, like Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, Power Grid, Ticket to Ride, Stone Age, and Settlers of Catan. Anyone interested in board games is welcome to attend any of the events on our calendar. We have many members who are always willing to teach their favourite games and the games have a wide range of lengths and complexities, so don’t hesitate to come out and try something new. We would love for this group to also have regular events for other types of games like card games, party games and traditional games. If anyone is interested in running something like this, please contact one of the organizers. There is no cost to joining the group, and we do not charge a fee for our events since the founder, Jackie He, covers all the fees for the group. However, donations are welcome and go towards expanding the group’s gaming library. Toronto Board game and Social owns: Risk 2210, Steam, Lost Cities: The Board Game and Power Grid.

Meet up – World of Warcraft Toronto
I’ve been the GM of a medium-core local Toronto based guild called Arm of Hades on the Vek’Nilash server for roughly 4 years. A core of 20-25 players in the guild are from the Toronto area and we love the fact that we can meet up monthly for pints and to shoot the breeze.Figured it might be cool to see if more local players were intersted in joining the Arm of Hades community 🙂
Who should join:
– Players looking for a group of locals to hang with and chat WoW
– Local players looking for a Raiding environment where half your team is local

Georgetown Geeks and Gamers Meetup
Georgetown Geeks and Gamers are a group of like minded individuals who enjoy any or all aspects of Geek and Gamer culture local to Georgetown, Acton and, Milton with members in Brampton and Mississauga. We get together to discuss, review, and generally share knowledge about all the topics of interest to geeks and gamers.
• If you play board games, war games, and role playing games, you should join Triple G.
• If you read comics, anime, and graphic novels, you should join Triple G.
• If you like video games, classic arcade or console games, and pinball, you should join Triple G.
• If you enjoy sci-fi, fantasy, or horror movies, you should join Triple G.
• If you dig gadgets, computers and the internet, you should join Triple G.
Meet Ups are informal for now and held locally in Georgetown Ontario Canada with thematic game days being planned for monthly meetups.

Hacks Hackers Toronto
The worlds of hackers and journalists are coming together as reporting goes digital and Internet companies become media empires.J ournalists call themselves “hacks,” someone who can churn out words in any situation. Hackers use the digital equivalent of duct tape to whip out code. Hacker-journalists try and bridge the two worlds. This group is to bring all these people together — those who are working to help people make sense of their world. It’s for hackers exploring technologies to filter and visualize information, and for journalists who use technology to find and tell stories. In the age of information overload, all their work has become even more crucial. This group aims to help members find inspiration and think in new directions, bringing together potential collaborators for projects and new ventures. Please also check out our blog at http://hackshackers.com


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