Entry Seven

mpm33A blog

So between Tuesday and Wednesday (today) I have had 3 meetings. We have decided to put a hold on our general topics till the New York Singularity trip had been done with. We have now been assigned individual people to research that will be at the Singularity Summit; I have choose to research Scott Heiferman, the founder of meetup.com. This site connects people with similar interest online in-order to connect them offline.

The had a meeting with the social media team as well and we talked more in depth about the user interface and the levels of users (high, medium, and low). We need to now come up with potential setups/layouts for the portal.

I just had a meeting with Ramona today to discuss my notes concerning ‘Program or be Programmed’ and my notion of ‘Does Social Networking sites effect the development of Adolescents’. Much of want I was focused on was ‘how do we make youth understand the benefits of being unplugged’ when I was reading Program or be Programmed. After reading this book it become my concern that there will be individuals born who will not be able to compare what life is like before cellphones, facebook etc. I want to look into this concept because from what I have found so far, there is not a ton of research to these notions. So now it is my job to start developing questions for a segment on a ‘streeters’.

We won’t be having a meeting for about maybe two weeks.


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