Entry Six

mpm33A blog

On Tuesday were able to have another group meeting and really talk about different categories. Again the specific categories that I am focusing on is Relationships, Freedom, and Storytelling. It was brought to our attention by Ramona that Inter_Face is as much as our project as it is theirs. Ramona informed us that she encourages us to pitch ideas to her about different angles that we could take with this ‘documentary’. This was very settling to me because after seeing many projects in Professor Greens course it made me envious to what I could be participating in. But to know we have the freedom to create m’ini-projects’ per-say to be potential incorporated into Inter_Face, is very rewarding. I also very much enjoy how our meetings tend to pan out because it is very much just sitting and ‘talking’ and not reporting our findings. We are able to voice a very real and human opinion about all of our topics.

So the tasks I have been given hence far is the look for, again, interesting stories, artist, angles etc. that relate to the topics of interest I picked, do the transcription of one of the interviews I was at last friday, and to do historical research on some of the top social sites on a International scale. I am to see what is good and bad about them to build a base on what we want the Inter_Face portal to look like.

Will post what I find in the incoming days.


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