Entry Five

mpm33A blog

This past Friday there were two interviews booked; one with the founder of Planet Travel and another with media artist Vincent John Vincent. The first location was at the hostel called Planet Travel, which is the lowest carbon foot print of hotels in Toronto. The camera crew did a walk through were all of the different technologies were pointed out and the interview was on the bar roof top. Though the interview was cut short due to rain. The second location was at Vincent’s studio called Guestertek. There were many impressive works on display in the interview space where Ramona interviewed him and we watched/listened from the side.

The purpose of being in studio while there interviews were going was to get the feel of the experience and listen to the questions and answers. It was a great first hand learning process and experience to see the behind the scenes of a interview. There is much more prep-work that goes into a single 30min interview that I was not aware of.

Now I am just waiting to hear from Ramona’s partner Jefferson to found out my next tasks for being on the Social Media Research team and will also begin looking for interesting artists, stories, etc. related to the topics of interest that I picked.


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