Entry Two

mpm33A blog

After much confusion to the actual date of the President’s TIFF reception, yesterday from 7pm to 10pm I was a part of the ‘Twitter Team of Three’ at this event. This reception took place on the third floor of the Engineer building in the Atrium. Our job as the ‘Twitter Team of Three’ was to take pictures of the guest that were at the event and Twitter them on to the Ryerson news account. A majority of our job involved googling the guest, taking pictures of guest, and the twittering the picture with a caption. Twittering at events seems to be the newest addition to making events dynamic and including the public eye.

Though to my understanding this event was put together very last minute, but everything went smoothy and was a great success. Also during the reception Ramona had a section setup to interview some of the guest for the Webseries project. Even though this project came together not that long ago, it is like hitting the ground running. The TIFF reception was a great way to just begin the entire process of the Webseries.

The whole experience of being a part of a social media team at an event was very exciting and new. I was very comfortable approaching the guest, taking pictures, and working with the other team members. It was a very tiring event as well because we were on our feet all night and on our phones for the whole event. Over all we had a great outcome and were able to post 20+ tweets between the three of us. I feel I handled myself very well considering I have only ever used twitter on one other occasion.

Here are some of the photos of the President’s TIFF Event and the hashtags to this event on Twitter are #RyersonTIFF and #TIFF11


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