Entry Three

mpm33A blog

So more research was done in regards to the previous blog post.

Here is what else I found in regards to environment and other interesting ideas etc.

Man-made island designed to a renewable energy powerhouse
Still in the idea stage (posted Jun 30, 2011), but is essential a design that makes seawater pump into the artificial island and generates electricity.

The Blue Collared Robot Worker
Produced by Kawada Industries developed a humanoid robot with significant skills to enter the workforce.

App: track your movie and tv viewing
This is an app that will set your DVR, search movie times in your area, send reminders of when your favourite shows are on, and has integrated Netflix, iTunes, Wikipedia, and IMDB to provide a full entertainment movie guide.

App: Facebook releases standalone messenger for iphone/android
This app is almost like BBM but through Facebook. You can instant message your friends on facebook (as long as they have this app as well)

Mobile apps used more than the web
A little article on how the usage of apps is leaving web surfing in the dust

NHL Players are banned from social media sites on game days
Toronto Star article (September 15th)

Kindergarten class uses to Twitter to learn about the world
Toronto Star article (September 14th)

How tweets of today affect tomorrow’s stock prices
Toronto Star article (September 12th)

Political Parties cast their new social media plan
Toronto Star article (September 12th)

Meeting Friends in the City through the internet
Toronto Star article (September 9th)


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