Entry One

mpm33A blog

On the first day of class on Wednesday we were approached by Ramona Pringle and Jefferson whom pitched a project to our class called Webseries. This project involved producing 12 episodes that deal with the effects of social media on our culture. Ramona explained that there are 8 spots available for students to fill as a replacement to the project in the present class. I was immediately interested and responded to the given questions as the application to this project.

Gratefully on the following day I was emailed by Ramona and was asked to begin research for the Webseries project, as I indicated in the application. Ramona approached me so early due to accepting applications on a ‘needed bases’. I gladly accepted the work and a position on the Webseries team; currently as the research department.

The research that was asked of me was to find topics, individuals, artist, and ideas that were connected to the environment, virtual etc. The first interview was to be done and a week and extra contacts, in the local area of Toronto, were needed in case of an absence.
Some of the following topics I have found are:

Future Farmers

Environmental Art and New Media Technologies


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